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NEW SHATTERED RELEASE: Hunx and His Punx – Teardrops On My Telephone

Posted on June 10th, 2009

Here’s the brand new release from Hunx and His Punx, “Teardrops On My Telephone.”

You can order the limited-edition 7″ with full-color sleeve from Goner here.

And you can listen to all three songs here and get them as high-quality MP3s with the artwork for $1.98 below.

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NEW SHATTERED RELEASE: Jeffrey Novak – Home Sweet Home

Posted on April 21st, 2009

The first single on Shattered is out now. The 7″ was extremely limited and it’s sold out of stores right now, but Goner should have some soon, so keep checking this page. Also Jay will be selling some at the shows below. And you can listen to and buy the MP3s right here.

Jeffrey Novak – “Home Sweet Home” b/w “Three Sisters”
Buy Now $1.98

Jay Reatard – Greatest Messes

Posted on March 30th, 2009

This is a compilation of some of my favorite tracks before I started recording as “Jay Reatard” – songs from The Reatards, Lost Sounds, Final Solutions, Nervous Patterns, Destruction Unit, and Terror Visions. There’s never been anything like this and I hought it’d be a good way to launch my store. 15 songs for $7.99 ain’t bad. You can listen to all the songs, and buy it buy clicking the button below.

Buy $7.99