Major Shattered Club Announcement

The final pieces of the Jay Reatard Shattered Club are in manufacture and will be ready to be shipped in 2-4 weeks.

We had promised an original 7″ exclusively for Shattered Club members. Two days before Jay passed away he recorded two songs at home: “You Get No Love” and “I Am Growing.” They were to be his final recordings. They have never been heard before now. We have pressed these songs onto a 7″ and it will be available only to you. It will not be for sale in any shops, not given to blogs for free download, and will not available digitally. Inside the 7″ you’ll find a personal note written by Jeffrey Novak.

We had promised a live 7″ exclusively for Shattered Club members. Instead we are sending you a full live album from an incredible set at the Golden Plains Festival in Australia in 2008. This is a full-length 14-song LP, again only for Shattered Club members.

We had promised a t-shirt exclusively for Shattered Club members. Nicholas Gazin, the artist who created the images for Jay’s final tour – The Shattered Records Tour – has painted a watercolor that we are printing on t-shirts. This will only be available to Shattered members.

Shattered Club members have also received Watch Me Fall on CD or LP, and MP3s of Watch Me Fall, the 25-song Greatest Messes: The Shattered Club Edition, The Reatards’ Teenage Hate, Jeffrey Novak’s “Home Sweet Home” and Hunx & His Punx’s “Teardrops On My Telephone.” We will also be sending  MP3s of the final Shattered Records 7″ from Useless Eaters entitled “Hear/See.”

Expect more goodies at random in these packages, including test pressings, Shattered Tour t-shirts, and other items we have been saving up.

In 2011 there will be a full slate of Jay releases, including a feature-length documentary film, Reatards and Lost Sounds reissues, and a definitive greatest hits record.

Thursday is first anniversary of Jay’s passing.

If you are interested in signing up for the Shattered Club to receive all of the above, click the button below.

Buy $75.00

  1. harryd says:

    I keep trying to order this and it tells me “Can’t ship to US”. I’m agreeing to the terms and whatnot. What’s the deal?

  2. Charles says:

    can’t wait to see how many vultures are gonna be throwing this stuff up on ebay.

  3. devinkicker says:

    I’m having the same “Sorry, We Can’t Ship to the US” problem? Help please?

  4. seanfindley says:

    it worked for me. rip jay

  5. whampwhamp414 says:

    Does anyone know who to contact about choosing either the CD or LP of Watch Me Fall with the Shattered Club membership? When I checked out I was not given any option. Thank you.

  6. damned says:

    Was just wondering the same as whatmpwhamp414.


  7. TIKIKAIMUKI says:

    I just signed up for the club and had the same question as the other two people above. Could someone on this site let us know how we actually get the lp and how we specify shirt size? THANKS!

  8. shatteredrecords says:

    Hi – I’ll be emailing everyone who recently signed up for the club to ask what shirt size you are, and if you would prefer Watch Me Fall on CD or LP. Expect my email soon. Thanks, Adam

    • blindblake says:

      Hi Adam-
      I hate to post this here, but I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch with you.
      I got your e-mail regarding T-Shirt size and LP/CD for Watch Me Fall.
      I’ve tried 4 times to reply to your e-mail, but my e-mails keep getting returned with “FAILURE NOTICE.”

      I’ll keep replying, but hopefully you’ve got a better solution?

  9. torourke93 says:

    i signed up a couple weeks ago and just wanted to confirm you received my payment because i havent been contacted yet.
    thanks you very very much!
    -Tom O’Rourke

  10. cpt.reatard says:

    long time left?

  11. ElRoi says:

    El Roi
    From Adam Shore and Shattered Records
    Hi –

    I’m happy to say all the Jay Reatard Shattered Club packages are now in the mail. We hope you enjoy them.

    So you are aware, the live album and the 7″ were done in a one-time-only pressing of 500. There are 400 members of the Shattered Club, and the remaining 100 will be distributed to Jay’s family, band mates, and close friends.

    It’s important to note that these releases are vinyl-only, and were pressed exclusively for the club and Jay’s inner circle. There are no plans for these to become available digitally, and we’d like to request that you do not rip them and put MP3s online. These are exclusive vinyl-only items for members of Jay’s club and we hope you cherish them as such.

    All the best,

    • CaptainCrookRecords says:

      So is there no possible way i can order this anymore because i would really love to have this apart of my collection. I won the “Santard” contest in December 2008 and never recieved my prize (I have proof i won) and have almost tracked down all of his 7inch’s except a couple but i would really love to put this in my Reatard collection of cd’s,records and 7inche’s.So please get back to me when you get a chance i would really love to have this apart of my collection and i would love to hear his last 2 songs. hope to hear from you soon and here is my e-mail address too.

      thank you so much for taking time to read this and i hope to hear from you soon it would mean a lot.


  12. eric.j.pringle says:

    Hey Adam, thanks so much for the records and shirts! The live show is incredible, it really makes me miss Jay. The shirts are a bit big, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing the hand-painted one anyway (I’d hate if it’d get ruined). Again, thanks a lot for seeing these releases through! They are my new prized possessions.

  13. everything_recs says:

    Hey,i just purchased the Shattered Club for $75 which i think includes the new live LP, new 7″, and shirt. But on my paypal purchase receipt it shows Shattered Club Digital. Did i buy the wrong thing? Any help would be appreciated.

  14. skatershaun says:

    Hi Adam,
    I purchased the shattered fan club membership but I haven’t received any of the records or a response to my emails. It would be much appreciated if you could get back to me thanks.

  15. So we still receive the “Teenage Hate and Fuck Elvis Here’s the Reatards” right?

  16. cham says:

    Hi All,

    The offer is always of current events ?

    How it is work ? I purchased it but no options and no details about tshirt and lp.
    More explanation would be appreciate 🙂

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