Jay Reatard 1980-2010

Jimmy Lee Lindsey, Jr. died in his sleep on Wednesday morning. He was 29 years old.

He is survived by his mother Devonna May, his father Jimmy Lindsey, and his sisters Leslie Lindsey, Stephanie Duncan and Gara May. He’ll be missed by music fans all over the world.

With 22 full-length albums and over 100 releases, Jay dedicated his life to music. He played nearly one thousand shows in over 20 countries around the world. He was incredibly grateful for all the support his fans gave him over the years.

UPDATE: The memorial service will take place on Saturday, January 16 at 5:00pm at Memorial Park Funeral Home, 5668 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN. This will be open to the public.

If you knew, played with, or were a fan of Jay and his music, please share your thoughts, stories, memories and condolences in the comments below.

Download: Jay Reatard – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

  1. Jaakkocore says:

    Jay Reatard meant a lot to me. All of his projects, music, and life performances had a great influence on me. He was one of the greatest song-makers of all time to me. And now, at the age of 29, he is dead. Im completely devastated over this. Too many good people die too young.

    RIP Jay,
    Jaakko, a fan from Finland

    • michael-halls says:

      It is terribly sad to hear of Jays passing, it seemed to hit me particularly hard though I had never met him. He was an incredibly talented songwriter, producer and performer and I wish I had gotten the chance to see him play. Blood Visions and Watch Me Fall are two of the most tight albums of all time. Though he is gone he lives on through his fans and the countless musicians he has influenced

      RIP Jay

  2. RockNRollWerewolf says:

    I consider Jay’s music to be some of the best stuff released in the past decade. It is incredibly sad that he’s left us at such a young age. I had the privilege of seeing him live a couple times and will always remember the energy and intensity he exuded on stage. There aren’t too many people making quality, high-energy rock ‘n roll anymore… and now there’s one less. Jay will be sorely missed.

  3. sparkiepop says:

    I’m having a really hard time with this. It’s shocking and very upsetting.

    I first heard Jay Reatard on The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling a few years ago and was immediately hooked. I scoured the internet to find everything I could of his, The Reatards, Lost Sounds, all of it. Totally obsessed. I found a blog of his where he recorded songs in his living room and posted them online (I saved them all). I saw him live at least fifteen times, the greatest of his shows being the Amoeba in-store in Los Angeles this past summer when he was clearly drunk and having a great time (and again the next day in Long Beach when he wasn’t as drunk but still put on a great show).

    His documentary “Waiting For Someone” gives you a glimpse into his life and you understand why he had such a “fuck you” attitude toward everyone and the establishment. He did things his own way and didn’t care what anyone thought. Even though he could be a bit of a jerk in his blog, Facebook (and MySpace), Twitter posts and at shows, I still respected and admired the crap out of him. That was Jay. He was amazingly talented and he’s gone far, far too soon.

    Extremely sad.

  4. c.a.iwersen says:

    Oh Jay,

    I can’t even believe this yet…i guess I’m taking some comfort in the fact that you lived as you died: a rocker through and through. Though I wish you were still here, I do believe its better to die young and have people remember you for your accomplishments and ambitions and unbelievable potential rather than any failures or scandals or concessions…

    I’m so glad to have found you, you inspired me in so many ways.

    I was fascinated by you – your history, your work ethic, your talent, your attitude…You have no idea how much your music meant to me, and how appreciative of it (and you) I was. I thought so much about your attitude, ambition and talent alot when you were alive, and I will continue to do so in your memory.

    Thank you thank you thank you for all the incredible music you put out, for the energizing live shows, so glad I had the chance to experience your live performances. The Shattered Records tour was the best show and best time at a show i’ve ever had, way too much fun. It seemed like things were really taking off for you.

    I’ll keep searching for you…

    Cassidy Iwersen

  5. BrennaFletcher says:

    Wow. This is really shocking to me. I heard Jay Reatard for the first time in October, and have been planning to see him ever since. Unfortunately, that won’t happen now. He really brought new things to the music industry. RIP Jay…you will be missed.

  6. braddyp says:

    Jay was a great guy. He was a friend and fellow Memphis musician who will be missed dearly. Last time we spoke was 2 years ago and I’ve only seen him in videos and magazines since then. It’s been amazing watching him climb to the top of the “independent music world” (for lack of a better phrase), and it’s heartbreaking to see him go right as he was on the cusp of getting the widespread attention he has long deserved.

    Don’t have too many stories…The first time I hung out with him was at some party. I remember the night ended with him climbing onto the top of some van and jumping/sliding down the windshield over and over again (which was covered in ice). Then he picked me up and started running around, and eventually threw me to the ground….not the craziest of stories as far as Jay’s concerned, but it was after all my first foray into the Reatard universe.

    Then there was the time he shot a bottle rocket out of his…well, we won’t go there

    RIP Jay, wish I could’ve talked to you more in the past 2 years. you will be sorely missed.

  7. Ree Ree Riot says:

    I can’t believe this is really happening! I always had a feeling that Jay is one of those people who will die young but it’s still so shocking. I have the same feeling as someone really close to me dies.

    Jay was and always will be my favourite musician. He was so talented. I mean, there’s quite a big difference between Lost Sounds and Reatards for example! That just shows that he was good at everything he did. While the other people get stuck on something they do best, Jay tried different things very successfully.

    I like all of his projects but my favourite one was always Reatards. I remember when I first heard Reatards. The first song I heard was “Blew my mind” and I fell in love right away. I had never heard anything like that and I’ve never loved a band as much as I love Reatards. It’s weird.

    I’m so lucky that I got to see him last year, it was the best day of my life. Thank you for everything. You will be missed. Rest in peace. ♥

  8. rikhard-III says:

    Jimmy Lee, you were here to save music. You died too young, way too young.

    You will not be forgotten.

    Rest in peace, man.

    Riku S

  9. heads will roll says:

    whatever said will be an understatement.

    but really. this guy knew how to jam and make infectious songs with good vibes.
    he had a pretty cool story too.
    you’re the man, jay

  10. Begonia says:

    This couldn’t be any more depressing. I read the news some hour ago and still can’t believe them. He played in Dublin a couple of months ago and after the gig I went over to say hi to him and he was very, very nice. A great musician gone.

  11. flyoverstate says:

    Jay was a great free spirit and one of the most entertaining, talented people in music. I don’t usually grieve about people I didn’t know personally, but Jay was so open and out there in his music and performance that I feel like he was inviting everyone to get closer to him. His shows were some of the best times I’ve ever had, and he and they will be sorely missed.

    RIP Jimmy

  12. debrislide says:

    The music I listened to the most whether cleaning my disgusting apt. or skating around brooklyn heading to the city. I cannot fucking believe you are gone Jay. What a tremendous loss to music. What a tremendous loss to your family. You’ll always be in heavy rotation. Give em hell where ever you may be.

  13. Martin Savage says:

    This is so sad… I first met Jay in Memphis when he was probably 16 or 17 (I was 18 or 19 then). We were both shy and didn’t say much to each other then. Then I met him every time he came through Stockholm with one of his bands. Last time he said “they give me so much money dude! I bought a house and a new pair of sneakers.” That wasn’t long ago. His two goner 7″ were two of the best in the 00’s. He had incredible talent. My condolences to every one who was close to him. Let’s all remember him through his music. R.I.P. Jay.

  14. seetz says:

    can’t believe it. after touring so long so hard, finally getting the recognition he deserves, and now he’s gone.
    touring with jay, working with him on 5 or 6 european tours, I got so many memories. some good, some bad. man this is wrong.
    sleep well Jay

  15. ElRoi says:

    Wow, what a blow to the world of music. I couldn’t believe the news that Jay was gone from us. I saw him in Athens at the 40 Watt on December 2nd of 09. I actually video taped the entire show. I guess I at least have that by which to remember.

  16. melabonbon says:

    what a horrible shock. i found out about jay and his music when he played pitchfork festival a couple years ago. i loved “my shadow” on the sampler the festival put together beforehand, and became a fan after seeing his kickass live performance. i got a kick out of his twitter updates, that obnoxious but real and good-guy-underneath-it-all impression that came across. i feel like with the last couple records i was just getting to know him, and now he’s gone, just like that. this makes me sadder than i would’ve expected.

  17. mb807208 says:

    The news really bummed me out. I first saw Jay with King Khan and Cheap Time 2 summers ago. I loved his music. Watch Me Fall seemed pretty dark but almost hopeful at the same time and was a big help dealing with my own shit over the past summer. It’s a shame he died so young, I was already looking forward to whatever he was going to put out next.

  18. suinolpomp says:

    The first time I saw Jay Reatard play was in 1998 with the Reatards in Rotterdam. During the show before them, the Persuaders, there was a drunk bleeding guy in the audience completely going wild. I thought ‘why don’t they kick him out?’ Twenty minutes later the same guy was on stage with a performance that blasted everybody and everything away. From that moment on there has been and will never be a greater artist to me.

  19. Okay, mother nature do its best to destroy everything great in that world.
    Once again, a success. But wait a minute, no…sadness can’t win, so much talent as
    Jay Reatard couldn’t be lost , his music and energy will last.
    Jay Reatard you are already HIGHLY MISSED.


    sorry for mistakes, i’m not English.

  20. adventuremouse says:

    this really sucks
    I won’t bullshit anyone and pretend that he was my favorite musician or anything, but he was almost an idol to me, the standard of cool. he could never do anything wrong. I missed his show he did by my town a few months ago and i’m still kicking myself for missing it, especially now. To be honest, his death means infinitely more to me than michael jackson. ol’ michael couldn’t consistently put out good music. Jay could. may you rest in peace, Jay, i’m gonna miss you

  21. exx says:

    its so sad, what a bad start into 2010…
    rest in peace jay…
    still one of the best musicans…

  22. I can’t believe he’s actually gone.
    I smilled for the first time sense i herd the news when i saw he covered a nirvana song. (:
    I love you jimmy lee lindsey jr, your,, you were one of the greatist artist this world has ever had.
    I know i can’t make it to memphis to see the funeral. BUT I LOVE YOU)”:
    You shouldn’t have died man.. I miss you so much, You’ll always be my favorite artist. and person.When i herd the news I was beyond shocked. I didn’t believe it. The whole world just stopped. Even my mom started crying.. I remember when you told me When you found out kurt died. thats how i felt man. Thanks for the nirvana cover. I’ll buy any demos any shirts anything. This fucking sucks.. ahh.. “music is over” fuuck… )”; I’m glad i found you, It was total luck! thank god for myspace! Thank you so much for you music again!! i know i told you like over 100 times! but it has really helped me through some hard stuff in my life, The first time i listened to 06-07 singles i as blown away!! i was walking to meet my friend really far(: and i listened to the album twice! 😀 it was so mind blowing!! just ahh!!! Rest IN Peace Jay Reatard! Its bummer your gone,, You still in all our hearts, even if they all have a bigger crack in them now…

    -Dustin Troy Kempton.

  23. tzz says:

    oww.. lots of love.. tzz, amsterdam

  24. sergioacuevas says:

    For the two years I know about him I have looked up to him for inspiration. Being 14 doesn’t let me do much in my time, so everyday I got up and told myself I would be more like Jay Reatard and use my time making music. I gave up time on drums to learn guitar just to be that much more like him. Once I got into painting a couple of months ago, I painted him as my first portrait and still use his music as inspiration while painting. Over all this one man has had more of an impact on me than anything else I can even remember. I have never been to any of his concerts, and I have never seen him in person. But I know he was a good guy. and even though he’s not with us anymore, trying to be like him just means more to me now. Rest In Peace Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. aka my hero
    Jay Reatard.

  25. Zack says:

    I’ve always made fun of people for talking about, much less caring about, the death of some celebrity or artist… but now I feel like total shit for mocking them with this. This hits me hard. Heart broken.

    It’s been said and I guess it’s cliche to say but Jay’s HUGE artistic output got me through many many rough patches in my life. I discovered Jay from a friend that played a Lost Sounds tune for me (I Get Nervous) and I was automatically in love with the intensity and honesty that was in the music. No bullshit, all heart. Every song untouched by meaningless filler. Short. Sweet… and purely expressive of emotion. That; the honesty, the emotion, the intensity… that’s what I listened to for riding my bike to and home from work… what I listened to when I was alone or turn on with friends. I’d made a point to pick up everything of his I could get my hands on.

    I had the great fortune of getting to see Jay live twice… he fucking toured relentlessly, restlessly. First in Austin. Lost my glasses dancing in the crowd at Red 7. Totally worth the $100+ pricetag to get a new pair… I got to see Jay Reatard. I kicked myself for not introducing myself in Austin and just saying how much I appreciated all the work he did tirelessly (and most tragically, massively under-appreciated). I’m happy to say I did get the chance to shake the man’s hand all fan-boy style before he went on in Houston just a month ago. Fuck… I figured I’d get to see him again in the future. Such is life and death.

    I’ll never stop listening. I know a place.

    Thanks for the tunes, Jay.

  26. BlackWave says:

    I am comforted by reading all these stories and memories about Jay. I am beyond upset by his passing and don’t even know what to do with myself the past two days. I first heard Jay’s music in the form of Lost Sounds, more specifically 1620 echles st… and was hooked since then.

    The first time I saw him live was at Reggies Rock House in Chicago, and it is probably the best concert in my life. We had a crowd of good young punks who wanted to hear Jay shred live and have a good time, the pit was intense and fun as hell, with everyone watching out for another. I got to shake his hand at the end of his set and i thought it couldnt get any better. So maybe 6 months later we end driving all the way from chicago to memphis to see him play on his home turf at the Hi-Tone … got there early and it was just us and his band at the bar, got to meet Jay and have a bit of small talk with him, he was super nice and didnt get put off by how geeky i was probably acting.
    Saw him again in summer of 09 in chicago, stuck around after his set to talk to him and he actually remembered us! got a set list and an autograph and thats one of my most valuable possessions today.

    Sorry for babbling, i just have alot on my mind and needed to share it with people who feel the same. I loved Jays music since i was a teen, and now into my mid 20s, and im sure ill be listening for the rest of my life. You were an amazing dude, Jay, thanks for all the music you’ve left us with and I hope you are raising hell in heaven! =)

    Rest In Peace old buddy

  27. Cacinorose says:

    It is so sad that a person so young who had so much to give to this world has been taken so soon. Although I do not know Jay personally he will be greatly missed. Me and my family are huge fans in our home Jay’s music is never far from the player… Just when I thought there was no one out there making powerfull good old rock n roll I discovered Jay Reatard. What a talented young man and now sadly we will never know what else he had to offer the world of music. Anyone who has experienced a reatard live show knows the energy was amazing! I have heard all kinds of crazy stories about his shows but I can only speak from my own experience and I have always perceived him to be a very professional musician who had huge respect for his fans.
    His music will forever be celebrated in our home and through his music Jay will always live in our hearts.
    My most sincere condolences for his family, friends and fans. I think it would make Jay very happy to know that he will live on in many hearts around the world through is beautiful music.
    Rest in peace young soul. You will be missed.
    Rosemary Villasenor

  28. Thanks for the good times, the Bad Times and the great times.
    Reatards-Wongs tour. Lost Sounds on West Coast. Reatards-Tokyo Electron-Angry Angles in Europe. And countless other shows/parties/memories.
    A true showman and a real inspiration.
    Your buds out here in Arizona were lucky to know you.
    You will be sorely missed, Jay Jay.

  29. archer says:

    farewell funny little man x

  30. irgeek says:

    So sorry 2 lose such a fine musician just as he was hitting his stride. My best to his family. Take care.

  31. ADC5000 says:

    I was lucky enough to see Jay twice in New York City, and they were two of the best shows I’ve ever been to. The first time I saw him, at the Bowery Ballroom in October 2008, I hadn’t been that excited to see a band since high school probably (I’m now almost 30). He absolutely slayed the audience and blew the roof off the place with his non-stop aural assault. I got right up front, bopped my head, jumped up and down and screamed the words to every song. Again, something I hadn’t done in years.

    I remember being jealous because for the final song he pulled the kid standing next to me on stage, stuck his flying V around the kid’s shoulders and let him jam with his rhythm section while he screamed into the mic and created feedback by pointing it at his guitar amp. Then Jay hurled himself at the audience, flying right over my shoulder and knocking over about 10 kids standing right behind me.

    The show was so exhilarating I walked all the way over to the west side at 2am, full of adrenaline, to take the 1 train home instead of taking a cab across town.

    Jay was the real thing. He wasn’t in this to get laid or get rich. He simply wanted to make music and play it as hard as he could. I have a feeling his output would have been exactly the same had no one ever bought one of his records or came to his shows.

    He had so much more to do, and so many more songs to write. His passing is truly a great loss for his fans who loved his music, and his family and friends who loved him.

    Thanks for all the good times and great music Jay. Rest in peace.

  32. ElRoi says:

    I’ve been listening to Jay all day and I feel progressively more saddened by this horrible occurrence. A friend of mine in Germany who I had turned-on to Jay after I saw him at the 40 Watt Club in Athens back in December messaged me the bad news. I thought he was messing with me, but I quickly found out that it was far from a joke.

    After seeing him in Athens I now wish I had went to see him the following afternoon in Atlanta at Criminal Records and that evening at The Earl. I was just so drained from Jay’s kick ass show in Athens and the hour long drive back home that I just couldn’t make it. I am so damn glad that I took my video cameras and Jay was gracious enough to allow me to video tape the entire show. It was also fortuitous That the well known show taper Sloan Simpson was also there that evening. Here is the link to Sloan’s site:

  33. Millarie says:

    I saw Jay a few months ago in Montreal. Some people had told me that he was this very mean guy that punched his fans in the face and spitted on the crowd during his performances. But he wasn’t like that at all…

    When I got to the show, he was already onstage, playing guitar with one of the band that he had signed on his label. When the set finished, he helped the other band to set up then joined the crowd to see the other bands. He was right next to us, shaking hands, talking to his fans and rocking to the other band’s music.

    He delivered a great performance, short and authentic, with so much energy that it seemed like the whole room was about to explode. He climbed on speakers, stage dived a couple of times.

    At the end of the show, I got to speak to him and he told me that he would be back soon, and he promised me that he would performed more songs from his last record…

    I still can’t believe he’s gone… His music is such an inspiration to me and I will always remember him as a very commited artist, generous enough to share every step of his creative process with us. Hearing him speak about his next record was inspiring, I still can’t realise I will never get to listen to it… He was everything a great artist should be, he made no compromises.

    His death is so fucking unfair… Rest In Peace Jay

  34. fbdrewps says:

    In recent years my concert/show attendance had been on a steady decline until I saw Jay play… He didn’t play his songs.. he attacked them. Jay could do more with 60 seconds on the stage than most bands can do in an entire set. Sometimes there were stage antics, other times a strategic ‘flying V’ wallop to the head of any audience member that fucked with his gear. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in many different venues w/ varying degrees of intimacy. I witnessed the now infamous debacle at the Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA(which comfortably fits about 20 people), and I was allowed to sit in on the sound check at the small Ken Club in San Diego, followed by an incendiary performance around 1am( I have quite a few great pics from this show, hit me up if you want to see them, fans-only, i’m not selling them). I also got to see him blow away a bunch of unsuspecting indie kids opening for the Black Keys. There are many more shows, however, those are the memories that ring loud at this time.

    I’ve also had the honor of meeting Jay on several occasions, and even sharing a drink. All I can say is that since his passing, music has lost something… and I don’t think there is anything that can fill the void. His music was raw, passionate, and sincere… all qualities that most current music is certainly lacking. The truly sad thing is that his best work was still ahead of him.

    Thank you so much for the music you’ve given us. Though your career was sadly cut short, your impact on me and the music industry in general is unquestionable. My heart goes out to your friends and family. Again, Thank you


  35. Charles says:

    I just want to say thanks for all the music over the years from the Reatards up to and including your brilliant solo career. Thanks for always taking the time out to talk to me, and remembering who I was everytime you either came through Chicago, or Munich. Thanks for letting me film your show in Munich last March, and putting it up on Youtube.

    Jay, I’m going to miss you my friend. Rest In Peace

  36. Jazzslasher says:

    I didn’t get to see Jay live which is so wrong. He was my biggest “idol” and still is. Thanks for great music and influence! Rest in peace Mr. Reatard.


  37. kdclarkie says:

    I’m saddened to hear of the passing of Jay

    My deepest sympathies to his family and friends and to all fans of his music
    He will be greatly missed

    Love Kristian – a music fan from the UK

  38. I checked to see if it was at all possible to get a reasonable flight to Memphis tomorrow morning, but I am not rich and can’t. Will it be broadcast live somewhere? This is probably very important for so many fans and friends that cannot make it.

    The first time I met Jay on my birthday in 2008, he did an in-store at Sonic Boom and a live show after at Sneaky Dee’s. Stephen Pope was wicked awesome and let us in the show for free. Prior to that at Sonic Boom I had introduced myself to Jay. He said “Hi, yeah I know who you are.” I had written him an email saying how much his music affected me etc. Just like anyone who’s awesome you don’t expect them to reply. But he did and from then on we had emailed and chatted and had the occasional conversation at his 5 or 6 shows I attended through the year.
    He was so understanding and kind and just willing to give me adviceand basically hope. I had probably asked him the dumbest shit and he would still reply and tell me to just fuckin’ go for whatever I wanted. Get over being self-conscience and just do it. He has inspired me the most in my life to do what I want and stop being a coward. I, just as any loyal fan and somewhat friend am devastated by this and my condolences go out to every other person that had an impact in their life. There is so much more to say, but instead I’ll let it rest. He was robbed of life in his sleep and should have died doing what he loved best.

    xox Nicole

  39. Felipe M says:

    Jay played last year in São Paulo in a private event. No tickets sales, a closed party. How unfair?

    So, me and my friend managed to get in touch with him via MySpace and sent him an e-mail. He was so nice he responded almost instantanely. “I’ll put you guys on my guestlist”. That was incredible. I should say it’s not a normal thing to see one of your favourite new artists around, and being able to attend the show as his guests?

    So I went to the show already feeling great. In the first minute inside, I went to pick up a beer in the bar and I see Mr. Reatard hanging out near the backstage door. I went to thank him for letting us in and wish he had a great time playing in São Paulo. He was really accessible. “Good gig, man! Destroy everything!”, “Yeah, I guess we’ll do that!”.

    And so they did. They started with “An Ugly Death” and soon he was climbing the DJ table. He kept spitting his Heineken through the set, “Is there anybody not having fun? Grab a beer!”. That looked like the real deal, we were having fun as hell. What a great night! The band was tight and before we realised, he went near the drums kit and took off his guitar.

    I remind thinking “oh, the show’s over”, but then he came back towards the front stage and I thought he was stage diving, I don’t know. He came near me, gave me his arm and PULLED ME UP ON STAGE. The next minute I’m onstage and he’s handing me his flying-V. “Play it, man!”. I couldn’t believe in what was happening.

    I remember the flashes, and the fact that there was like almost a thousand people down there, and I couldn’t stop laughing! I was totally dizzy. I went near the bassist to catch his chords but I really wasn’t in condition of playing a single note. What was I playing? A G, an A? I had no idea. Jay was there with the mic, throwing things around and gloriously finishing his performance.

    In the backstage, I had the chance to hang out with them for a few minutes before saying goodbye. Jay was the coolest guy ever. I’ll keep that night in my memory and in my heart.

    This is me playing with Jay Reatard: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3373/3592367469_b29aae1b38.jpg

    Rest in peace, Jay.

  40. Tess says:

    Jay inspired me so much! Everytime i try to do a new song, he’s brilliant music and dark lyrics inspires me more then noone else. Im so happy i got the chance to see Lost Sounds and Jay Reatard play under the years.

    I will never forget the show in Darmstadt, 2007, (the blood vision tour) When my band got the chance to play with the genius Jay Reatard & The Boston Chinx. It was a crazy night. I will never forgot this night…

    You will always be in my heart Jay

    Rest in peace

    XOXO/ Tess

  41. Kouwiii says:

    I listened to Jay Reatard for the first time only a year ago. “Blood Visions” sounds incredible to me. Very quickly I listened to the other albums, and then the Lost Sounds’ albums, Reatards’, and even some unrealised songs. I was fan. I counted every days before the release of Watch me Fall.
    Shit, this guy maked in 10 years an incredible brilliant music quantity. I never had the chance to see him on stage, but his shows were unique and filled with energy. He was a genious of music, another who passed away really too early.
    This news, as moving as unexpected, touch me deeply. Rest in peace Jay.
    A fan from France.

  42. BenThorn says:

    I was never a big fan of Jay, I always had just a passing interest, but his death has put such a halt on his music. The promise he had is gone now, all we can do is remember I suppose.

  43. Mongiat says:

    I did not hear of Jay Reatard until this morning, 1/15/10, when I read an article on his passing. From there I searched the internet to find out more about him. The first song I heard was ‘It Aint Gonna Save Me’, instantly I liked what I heard. I listened to his songs on his myspace page and watched some videos of him on YouTube. I also found the documentary about him, ‘Waiting for something’. The best way for me to put it is that, whatever it is that talented musicians have, whatever you call it, that gets your attention, Jay expressed that in his music.

    My condolences to Jays’ family and friends.

  44. mmmathias says:

    I’m deeply affected by his death. It’s unfair. Jay was so talented, so brilliant. I saw him a couple months ago, in Brussels, playing as louder as hell. Jay was here… He was honest and sincere…
    And I could feel, beyond the noisy electric mist, a kind of deep sadness he always used to hide.
    Jay was an huge artist, much more sensitive than he could seem at first…

    “Watch Me Fall”… Fuck, I just didn’t want to watch him fall. I’m sincerely sad for him. Listening to “There Is No Sun” doesn’t help. Rest in Peace Jay Reatard… Your flying V will still ring in my ears.

  45. Larinator says:

    I am stunned, shocked and sick about this loss. I keep thinking this is some sort of crazy joke, but I know it’s not. Jay was one of the few things going in the current state of music I enjoyed greatly. He was a great at his craft and very creative, his catalog of work speaks for itself. Others, like myself that were lucky enough to be able to see him perform live multiple times can attest that he always brought it on the stage…fast and all out ripping it up.

    This is tragic event to say the least and I am angry that he has been taken from us way too soon. I was lucky enough to chit-chat with Jay at an in-store performance in Portland last summer and he couldn’t have been more nice to me. My sincere condolences go out to his close family and friends.

    Jay, I will always remember you and your music you blessed us with. You were to true inspiration to me and many others. The void that is left now cannot be replaced by anyone. This was a once in a lifetime talent and artistically though he was not here long, he left his mark everywhere. Gone too soon, but never forgotten. Flying V’s forever. We love you Jay.

    See you on the other side,

    -Larry ( Portland, OR)

  46. pingpong says:

    Jay’s music meant a lot to me over the past few years. His amazing ability to turn his pains and frustrations so truthfully into beautiful music helped me through a lot of rough times in my life. I am deeply hurt by his tragic death, and grateful for the incredible work he left behind. I will never forget the way his music reached me.

    Jay was a true artist. I wish the best for his family and friends.

  47. Rich says:

    It’s a sad day. Thanks Jay for sharing your creativity with us. You are a true inspiration and your life’s work will continue to make people happy. In memory of you, I would like to share these photos. They are from a show you played here in Portland. You will be greatly missed.

    Photos: Jay @ Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR

    Portland, Oregon

  48. Gina says:

    Jay was playing at Fingerprint Records in Long Beach, CA so we took our 2 1/2 year old son Zeno to see him since all he wants to listen to is ‘Blood Visions’ and had been singing every song since he could talk. We were armed w/earplugs and excited to be able to share the Jay Reatard experience with our son- he was in awe. He sang along, clapped, hollered and listened. After the show we walked into Jay leaving the building, and he took the time to meet his biggest little fan. When asked who his favorite band was, he look straight at Jay and said AC/DC! Jay cracked up and with that, Zeno said his second favorite band was Jay Reatard! Thank you Jay. For the music and the coolness you showed Z.
    Zeno will forever play drums in your honor- you will truly be missed.

    R.I.P. Jay

    Link to photo from that day and painting that hangs in our sons room:

    Gina, Kirby & Zeno
    Newport Beach, CA

  49. chartreuse says:

    i’ve never met jay. i am only a fan, but his death really upset me. maybe because he was so young, maybe because we weren’t very far apart in age. maybe because i enjoyed his music and i’ll never hear anything new from him again. all i know is, he shouldn’t be dead, he was too young and he had it in him to do more. rip.

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