Chris Knox

A few years back I was introduced to Chris Knox’s genius via the kiwitapes blog. I immediately connected to the sound of his voice, his lyrics, and for sure the production of his many records. Upon learning that I was gonna be lucky enough to travel on tour to New Zealand earlier this year I knew I just had to meet the man behind it all. A few emails were sent and with a bit of luck I was invited over to his house for tea and some snacks! I only a had a few of his various bands records at home and none with me… So I dropped a ton of dough at a local record shop picking up the entire Toy Love catalog along with a few other records…

As the door to his house opened I was overcome with a nervous fan boy feeling I hadn’t felt since I was 16 or so. Our meeting was brief, only 3-4 hours, but in that time we made plans to tour together this upcoming year and made plans to record a single together as well. I found Chris to be so unjaded and so full of ideas and life. A few days back before our LA show I received a text from our NZ promoter letting me know Chris had suffered a stroke. I was pretty shook up but put everything I had into the show that I could muster up. I have had quite a few days to think to myself how lucky I was to meet Chris and how much hope he gave me for my own future as an artist. Here’s hoping for a speedy and successful recovery for Chris and his family! And if you haven’t heard Toy Love, Tall Dwarfs, The Enemy or his countless solo records please do yourself a favor and hunt them down. It might change your life… It did mine.

  1. claranola says:

    Thanks for posting that, Jay. Glad you got to meet him, and sorry we won’t get to hear that single any time soon. I got to see him open for Yo la Tengo in New Orleans several years back — not many people in the crowd knew who he was, including me. But one song in, he had everybody hooked. A great performer — even the headliners were in the audience.
    Get better, Chris.

  2. Edoc says:

    I remember about 6 or 7 (?) years ago, seeing Grant McLennan at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. Robert Vicker’s band, The Mad Scene, opened for Grant, and I looked over to my side to see a guy in surfer shorts and sandals whooping it up and snapping off lots of photos. I knew I recognized him from somewhere, and of course, then it struck me — “That’s Chris Knox!!” I quietly obsessed over standing in a crowd next to one of my favorite artists and tried not to stare.

  3. Edoc says:

    Ah come to think of it, one of the Kilgour brothers was in The Mad Scene — Hamish, I believe. So most likely Chris was taking home souvenir pics of his old friend and fellow kiwi on stage in NYC.

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