Year end list 2008

5 Box Elders “hole in my head”

Cant really put my finger on it but something about this band really clicks for me . They prove that simple songs simple lyrics and simple hooks are all you need to stand out heads above the rest of the garage clones clogging the bins these days..

4 The Clean “compilation”

See above description.

3 Cheap Time “st”

Best “punk” record I heard this year. Perfect mix of pre-glam rock,Hubble Bubble,and just enough garage thrown in to keep it raw . Great guys to tour with as well ! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Jeffery’s first solo non omb album on his own label and Shattered Records !

2 Cola Freaks

Mads and the rest of these dudes proved to be the radest and smartest bunch of guys I have ever had the pleasure of touring with . Seeing mads freak out new unsuspecting audience wimps every night was the peak of my day.

1 Nobunny “love visions”

Every once in a while a record comes my way that I just can’t stop listening to you know like an instant classic of sorts. Forget the bunny mask forget the wig forget the kinda cony gimmick . Behind all that lies some of the best lo-fi ramonesy punk slop I have heard in years.For sure the best record I own to jump around in your underwear and and eat pizza in bed to !

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