Tiny Little home

Wrote a song about my house wanna here it? Here it goes

Tiny Little Home (demo)

  1. deadcityrebel says:

    i bet your bright ass red nikes stick out the front door when you sleep at night causing all kinds of car wrecks

  2. Jay says:

    Great song; gonna be on one of the Matador singles?

  3. kingcon says:

    killer! and nice house! looks very cozy

  4. Anonymous says:

    another anthem. any word on the 7″s coming out?

    I just found out that your show in denver is sold out. I am not much of a black keys fan but was really looking forward to seeing you play. You wouldn’t happen to have a line on any tickets or anything, would you? I hate asking, but I’m bummed. Also, I will pay for the ticket, not looking for a handout or anything. I’ll even leave after you play if I have to! I know that there isn’t much you could do, but I figured it was worth a shot. Thanks anyways — ctroncoso08@gmail.com

  5. Anonymous says:

    1620 Echles St. ?? Bummed you missed your Tempe AZ show.

  1. […] version of “Tiny Little Home,” which now appears as a Watch Me Fall bonus track. Jay recorded a demo back in March 2008 and I presume gave it the full Reatard treatment a short while later. Like this:LikeBe the first […]

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